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местонахождение е албена

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HOTEL KALIAKRA Albena,Bulgaria

Location and attractions


Back to the past

Visit to the Aladga monastery - the most famous rock monastery at the Bulgarian Coast, one of the many monc cloisters, existed in 13-14 century.The excursion continues to the natural phenomenon "Pobitite Kameni", the first nature landmark, declared in 1937. Travel to Varna - the pearl of Black Sea coast - visit to the cathedral temple "Uspenie Bogrodichno", one of the symbols of the city. Free time. Departure to Albena. 

 Bulgarian Wine Tasting

 Departure for Varna - the largest city at the bulgarian coast. Free time in the central area of Varna. Wine tasting in the oldest and most renowned wine-cellar of Varna "Dimyat", built in 1920. The new wine series "Bulgari" has enjoyed a steadily high interest since its very first introduction on the international market. Professional presentation and tasting, led by the specialists of the cellar, demonstrate the qualities of the most popular white and red wines of "Dimyat". Possibility for on-site purchase of wine. Free-time in the center of Varna.

Varna - Dolphinarium

Departure - Depending on the time of the performance. Visit to a dolphin performance in the Varna Dolphinarium. Free time after the program. Departure for Albena. 

 Balchik - Cape Kaliakra

 Visit to the architectural and park complex, called "The Palace" located in a park of 10 ha with a variety of more than 3000 plants. A rich cactus collection. Departure for Cape Kaliakra after a promenade in the park. Departure for the ethnographic house in Kavarna. Walk and free time at Cape Kaliakra. Departure for Albena. Visit to a pottery workshop.

 Bulgarian wedding

 Departure for the village of Prilep in the beautiful site of the valley of Batovo. In the authentic craft atmosphere , the tourists take part in the ritual of a "Bulgarian wedding", learning the dances that accompany it. The programme is performed by a professional song and dance group. The tourists are offered drinks and typical meats from the national kitchen for diner. Music and dances. 

 "Bulgarian fiesta"

 Do not miss a wonderful night in restaurant "Orehite" with rich folklore and variety program, the unique dances on live coals /nestinar dances/, abundance of salads, hors d'oeuvres, rakia, wine, beer.


 Departure for Nessebar. Situated on a beautiful peninsula and prominent with its numerous family churches from the time of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom 11th - 14th c., Nessebar is small fishermen's town today. The Old Town with its narrow cobbled streets and the distinctive architecture of the typical Nessebar Renaissance houses has a unique atmosphere that attracts tourists from all over the world. A promenade and visit to two churches. Lunch and free time. Departure for Albena.

 Country and People - Shoumen

 Departure for Shoumen. Visit to the rock relief "Madara Knight" - a famous monument of the medieval art, included in the UNESCO list for world cultural inheritance. A visit to the horse farm "Kabijuk" - the biggest in the country, demonstrations with horses and presentation of elite horse breeds. Possibility to ride. Arrival in Shoumen. Lunch and free time. Visit to the most ancient church in Shoumen - "Tombul" mosque, one of the biggest on the Bolkan peninsula. Folklore fest in the Ethnographic house in Preslav which takes us to a distant era - mid 19 th century. Visit to a Preslav's craftsmen, treat with pastry and wine. Departure for Albena. 

Picturesque Bulgaria - Zonevo

 Departure from Albena and visit to the natural phenomenon "Pobitite Kameni". Visit to an apiary in the village of Gaburnitsa and honey tasting. After a visit of the natural phenomenon the Wonder Rocks, the tourists arrive in the village of Asparuhovo. Visit of the Kamchia Houses - museums, where old Bulgarian crafts are demonstrated - weaving, home making of home-made red-pepper, bread, etc. A trip with a donkey cart and home-made Bulgarian yogurt. Dinner in the village houses. Departure for Albena.

 Jeep Safari Forest

 A jeep trip from Albena. Visit to a village house and home-made yogurt and baked bread tasting". A visit to a brandy distillery and brandy tasting. Picnic lunch on a scenic site.  Yacht Picnic

 Departure for the yacht port in Balchik by bus. Departure for Cape Kaliakra and arrival after 2 hours on a secluded beach. Lunch on the coast. The tourists are offered flippers, masks, fishing equipment and a small rowing boat for fishing in the afternoon. Games and entertainment on the beach. Return to Albena.